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Downtown Oakland

  The community is housed within the historic Julia Morgan YWCA building. Starcity shares the building with the Envision Academy, a charter school located on the first three floors. Spread out across Starcity's two upper floors are 65 bedrooms, two large kitchens, and spacious communal areas to enhance your coliving experience.

Communal space
  The home has ample spaces that help foster community. Cook up a feast in our industrial kitchens and serve it up in the dining hall. Looking to unwind? Head to the top floor lounge to pop on a movie or open up a board game.

Your own suite
  Each room is outfitted with all of the essentials including a queen or full-sized bed, nightstand, lamp, and closet or wardrobe. Your room features a door outfitted with a keyless locking device ensuring that your security and privacy are top of mind.”

Explore with a virtual tour here!

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