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Mission Dolores

  The building is a stunning Edwardian home that has been fully restored with the interiors completely remodeled. Spread out across the four floors are 23 bedrooms, 4 fully stocked kitchens, and extra communal areas to enhance your coliving experience.


Communal space
  This home is the perfect hangout spot with two media lounges (so you never argue over what’s on for movie night) and entirely remodeled backyard bbq area. With a kitchen and dining room on each floor you’ll always have enough space to embark on your next culinary adventure.


Your own suite
  Each room is already set up with all of the essentials including a queen or full-sized bed, nightstand, and closet or wardrobe. Your room features a door outfitted with a keyless locking device ensuring that your security and privacy are top of mind.”

Explore with a virtual tour here!

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